Trikes on TV

We made an AARP ad this time. I can't tell if it's a Terra Trike or not. It looks a lot like a Rover,

My family refuses to try riding my trike. I have no idea why. I think if anyone tries one, they will be hooked for life.


  • Get on tv. Peddling thru 6” of water.
  • Looks like a silver Rover.
  • Completely agree! To ride one is to love one!
  • Yup. Rover NuVinci actually.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • didnt make tv during the flooding here last year.

    while paying the rent yesterday, new manager said she was going through photos of the complex with the departing manager who stopped at one photo and said - this is my favorite picture: was an old geezer with beard and hi-vis floppy hat enroute to the lbs slowly turning the pedals through 6 inches of water astride a silver steed. nexus hub chainline clearance kept the chain dry, 24-inch front wheels with big apple plus tires, 152 mm crankset, kept the pedals out of the water as well.

    the 2-wheelers at the time were choosing to hang shoes on their handlebars and walk their bikes through the new pond while washing chain and derailleur. bad deal for the electric wheelchair folks - they had to wait 5 days for the only entrance road to dry before they could get out and about.
  • So, good for floods also!
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