Seatside mount

Anyone use one of these? Ever see one other than from t-cycle?


  • why make the trike wider ?
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    To do NASCAR turns...I may build a frame that mounts to trike frame under seat. Just to hold my lil cooler with my drugs and snacks. Alongside I can reach with no need to stop.
  • Mine won’t hang out there like that model. I bet they are showing it set up in the wide position. Hope to keep mine inside the tire. Just behind the tire it could act as a fender.
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    Thought about the seat bags on each side, then found that I was making tight corners around some Terran obstructions. That is when the idea became moot, as that area behind the wheels makes for more agile turning.

    Was instead going to make a netting hold on either side to fit below the seat, under the behind-the-seat bag to attach to that odd rack. Funds and the lack of free time have stalled that idea.

    Might, some day, add one of them bags that goes to the lower rack (behind the seat). Weight and funds is the issue on that venture.

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  • I walked into the back porch with an idea but it stalled when I looked at the Trike. Use a pair of 2” square U-bolts to hold a pair of alum bars coming out from under the seat. Add two bars across connecting to the first two at 90 degrees. A rectangular frame. I wanted to add to that a cut down plastic mild container. Short enough that it slides under seat some. I could watch anything placed inside if it started to bounce. I would have to use this on the right side so I could access the frame hex Allen screws. Drag in the air flow on the right would result in an anti nascar turn.
  • My wife actually took one of her small messenger bags (like a small backpack but with only one strap diagonally across the back) and put it around her seat (using the straps of the seat to determine hang height). Seems to work well, and she's got a good sized bag hanging right there at her side.
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    I have used it now on one ride and it worked well. “Basket” is detachable as i used sections of some old crutches my wife had. I can turn it thru back porch door now that it is detachable. I did have it on for a day with aluminum bands that were fixed to the frame under the seat. Just wouldn’t fit thru the door. It stuck out an inch beyond tire.
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