Tire Pressure Question

My trike came with Schwalbe Energizer tires. What's the minimum/maximum pressure I should run them? Also, how would they compare with Big Apples?


  • It's written on the tire sidewall.
  • I sorta knew that, but I couldn't find the writing on the sidewall when I looked last night. Admittedly, the garage was kinda dark, although the lights were on. I'll look again today in the daylight. That said, any thoughts on Big Apples?
  • 20x1.75 energizer, 50-75 psi.
    20x2.15 big apple plus, 30-55 psi.

    the taller big apple plus will give you around another half-inch of pedal clearance from the road, makes fender fit a problem, looks kinda odd puffing out at the rim - for appearance, the big apple 20x2.0 (30-70 psi) will keep onlookers from asking if you need more air in the tires.

    marketing jive about tires and air suspension - from personal experience, a big apple at 70 psi rides as bad as a marathon and at 30 psi, not perceptibly better than the terratrike cst tires at 40 psi. ymmv.

    there is a difference of 40% minimum rated pressures between energizer and big apple. highly doubtful this translate to a 40% softer ride with the big apples.

    lotta sales hype from schwalbe on the subject. a simple matter to carry a cellphone with a g-meter app and check out shock absorption capabilities of various tire widths and pressures. schwalbe rating tire quality by comparison numbers rather than hard data is basically an opinion poll. same, for determining fast tires, you need to have a crankset with torque meter to compare input power on the flats for maintaining a given speed.

    my personal, if you want a tire that can take a beating, check out the bmx tires at wally world.

  • I have used the Bell BMX tires with Kevlar belts for about four years now at 40 psi. I would guess I pump them up every 2 months when I notice peddling takes a little more effort.

    Last year I bought three on eBay for a little less than $10 apiece with free shipping.
  • Thanks, guys, for the info. Quite helpful!
  • Would like to find a slightly wider, universal terrain tire that is as durable/thorn-proof as the Marathon Plus for the rear, as I do go off onto hardpack and trails when given the opportunity.
    Thing is we have goatheads in Idaho, thus why I've been using Marathon Plus on all three wheels. Still, we have goatheads of all sizes, and they can get ya in the sidewalls too. Devil thorns!

    ¬ ITL
  • interested at the time in a rover all terrain (10 gear-inches for the 15% slopes around here) put 20x3 kenda flames up front and a maxxis maxxdaddy in the rear.

    maxxis. 20x2, 40 psi, nice purring sound on pavement.

    marathon and big apple were lousy for offroad climbing whereas maxxis did marvey on wet grass climbs. thought the knobby could absorb more puncture material with what amounted to external padding than the 3-5 mil layer inside the marathon.

    dunno how they would fare against goatheads but tire liners might make em bulletproof.
  • 15% slopes in Florida ?
  • Gainesville, where Jamesr lives, is one of the hilliest parts of the state. It's especially hilly near the University of Florida. Take a look at a topical map of the area.
  • gainesville is pretty much a drainage basin and all the roads around here seem to slope, even the local rails-to-trail path. years ago discovered the testride at the lbs parking lot didnt match reality. bad knees and local topography is how i came to develop an early interest in rigging the trikes for 10-gear-inch climbing.

    on the backburner for a few years, recently got an inclinometer at lowes ($9), started measuring. bit hilly at this end of the complex where the new apartment is - short 17% grade that i have to winch up after creeping over a vicious speedbump. getting older, an electric wheel is a great help on that hurdle.

    same grade as one entrance to a local convenience store. my usual route out of the complex is 8%, the shorter route is 10%. climb out, climb back in, has a lot to do with preference for rides before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. during the humidity and heat combo between may and october, relatively little drip-dry rides the other months.
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