I need to sell this Terratrike for my GF but I know nothing about it nor does she. I believe it’s a Rambler and she got it in 2014/2015. I’m in the dark about prices and what to even list since I’m far from a bike person. Any info you guys can share would be greatly appreciated.


  • Your link didn’t come up on my fone.
  • Yes odd! It worked for me earlier now it doesn’t ugh!!! I’ll figure it out!
  • go to craigslist, click on bikes, search on recumbents for the going prices in your area. check out craigslist for out-of-state large city prices as well.

    were it me, i would offer the trike up on the local craigslist for 1/3 off current new x16 price - say $1349.
  • Thanks for the reply. Not much on Craigslist here In Az but I’ll keep looking. Thanks again!
  • I've purchased 3 used trikes, each less than 2 years old, and I paid no more than 50% of original retail for each of them. If 1/3 off retail doesn't sell the trike (not a bad starting point IMHO) try 1/2 off Retail. Best of luck!
  • Even type in TerraTrike to shorten your search.
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