Shifter on Older Cruiser

I have a Cruiser that is over 10 years old that is still going strong except for one thing. The left twist shifter was always pretty stiff, but now it is nearly impossible to twist with one hand. No dealer has been able to improve it. My husband lubricated it, but no improvement. I don't know why they put such a terrible shifter on a trike that is used by a lot of older people with arthritis. Is my only option to replace it with a completely different type of shifter? Any recommendations? Thanks!


  • Have you replaced the shift cable and housing? I have never seen your model trike so this is just a stab in the dark. Guud luck.
  • shifter, cables and housings being normal wear items, after ten years would think time to change all.

    drop in at your local bike shop and twist various front derailleurs, find one you like - twist, trigger or bar-end. get a matching front derailleur to go with it.
  • My old Path must be 6-8 years old and I ride it every day. I use WD40 Protective with white lithium grease to lubricate the shifter cable without removing it. Just wrapped a rag around the WD40 tube and each end of the cable to keep it from squirting all over.

    I also use it on my chain while ignoring all the WD40 haters comments.

    It has worked fine for me.
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