New Cupholder Options

I walked through the bicycle department at Walmart this morning and found new cupholders available. I think the manufacturers finally realized we like to use insulated cups or bottles, not those cheap plastic ones previously available. One had an adjustable width and the one I purchased is large and has plastic pieces inside to grip the bottle, no matter what the size. A large insulated Tevis bottle will fit. As a bonus, it also has hardware to attach it to the regular handlebar. And, it also came with a bell which I never had on my bike. My method of notifying cars I was behind them was to scream. This might work better!ifwm9jk0w2i3.jpg


  • I have a mini air horn than I haven’t used in the boat. I should carry it to scare off these two kids who zigzag in front of our trikes on the Berry Junction Trail. I’ll record them doing this and send it to News 8. Not the air horn part.
  • Kids weren’t out tonight. Phone was playing James Taylor thru a blue tooth speaker behind me the whole 14.47 miles. Boy does that make time fly by. Listening to music instead of thinking of the next hill.
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