Rear Tire size

Do you have to keep tire size the same on all 3 wheels or can you use a bigger tire in the rear. I just got a Rover x8 and I'm trying to get the best ride and speed.


  • What is the terrain where you ride? Hilly or flat? That will help the experts give you the best advice. I'm not the expert.

    How often and far do you ride? Sometimes it just takes getting used to riding. I'm finding now that I hit 10 mph on the flats without really trying. In the past, 8 mph was best I could do unless going down hill.
  • Tire size will impact your gearing and has pro and con results. A larger rear tire may increase top speed but also reduce hill climbing.
  • When you said:"Bigger size in the rear" were you talking about going to a larger diameter wheel/tire or just a wider tire? I don't think your Rover could fit a larger wheel, not sure. From the pics it looks like there is no room in the frame for one. Wider yes a bit.
  • Have a 24 in rear wheel running 2.12 x 24Big Ben Rs 20 x2.12 on stock front wheels. Works fine.2016 TT Rover
  • Fla-arrived ( her new name) has 24’s all around and I believe rear can go to a 26”. A wider tire back there might get cozy as it narrows somewhat. Am I correct in that? It’s late...
  • 26x1.5 will fit a rover. however, hiking the rear end dips the nose and may have you encountering heel-strike on lumpy roads. raise the rear end of the trike 3 inches on blocks and check seated heel clearance if thinking 26.

    suggest giving a shot at upgrading the engine before upgrading the components in the quest for speed. spinning is where its at - turn the cranks of an x8 rover at 60 rpm, go 11.9 mph. up the pace to 80 rpm - 15.8 mph.

    fully inflated stock cst tires are a pretty good benchmark for comfort. balloon tires (20x2.0) at 35 psi or so will give you a cushier ride.
  • Wished could put one of them 4 inch FAT tires on the back of Rover. /Very Big Grin
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