Bug shield ??

I have a Cruiser that I ride about 3 => 4 times a week here in Texas - sometimes the bugs get to be a problem, and I don't like wearing a surgical face mask covering my mouth and nose - I was thinking that some type of clear, plastic deflector, mounted on the front of the bike, might do the trick - has anyone found or created anything like that? THANKS !


  • back in the day, new on a motorcycle, found lovebugs didnt taste so good - helmet face shield and fairing followed.

    dunno how a fairing on a trike works as a bug deflector but check out https://t-cycle.com/collections/windwrap-fairings

    might want to ask at https://www.bentrideronline.com/messageboard/

    quite a few texans and need-for-speed types post there.
  • Try Utah trikes site or t-cycle.com
    They are available. Don’t know how they mount. Look on YouTube as well.
    Good luck.
  • Seems to me it would be a waste of $$$ since the bugs would still get inside the cockpit unless, it is close to your face or you are going fast. Just me two sense. Carry on.
  • During the various insect hatches the low riding position on a trike can be problematic . My concern is eye protection so i wear sunglasses that fit tighter and wrap around some. Most insects are a form of protein. :)
  • T-cycle.com has some wind fairings available. Gotta scroll waay down on their page to find ‘em.
  • Ignore my last one. Didn’t see that JamesR had slipped one in.
  • Finn59, he must be going a whole lot faster than we do. Most bugs would fly over the fairing like they do on a vehicle.
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    Windmill blades spinning from pedal power mounted on the front would chop those bugs up so small that would fit between your teeth. :*
  • Bridal veil netting hung from a wide brimmed hat would work. If you wear a bike helmet then I’m not sure how to set up your head gear l.
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