No more...

...using my receiver channel carrier. Trike tried to escape a second time this year. Never happened last year. We don’t understand it. Using our 10’ kayak trailer now. I won’t try to lift Rover up into bed of F150. Ramps maybe. Wait n see. Want to go to 7/28 riderfest if I figure out a means to transport Rover there. Wife may not let me borrow her van that day because the second straight year Riderfest falls on the day of the family reunion. :(


  • I DO like the rack that was altered from da Depot. He had his trike bungeed to it. I would ramps to load trike however. Lifting days are over...
  • So how is your trike getting loose? I just bought extra bungee cords for the long drive up north.

    How far are you from the park? My Alpaca carrier can hold another trike but I am staying in Grandville. Wouldn't want to travel too far to pick you up.
  • In Muskegon, bout 45 miles west along the shore of the BIg Lake. A last resort would be to pull the trailer in the park. Not sure about the parking there. I smoke and drink early in the day so I’m sure you don’t want that odor in your vehicle. o:)
  • Maybe someone can answer this: I have so many ratchet straps around here. This year I have been using a mismatched pair, narrow end going thru the pivoting part. The strap has stayed tight on her carrier and mine in the other trips. But what has happened this year on those two trips???? I scares me to try it even once more. Both tray
    carriers are in the basement.
  • For what it's worth, I saw a guy at the Recumbent Cycle Convention last year that had put a hook dead-center on the cab end of his pickup box. He had two metal ramps and used a come-a-long to ratchet the trike into the pickup. It worked really nicely. He said he was planning on purchasing a cheap 12 volt winch to use in place of the come-a-long.
  • If I drive to the Trikefest it will be in the back of the truck, seat collapsed and under my cap. Think light snow showers that day to cool us off.
  • Almost bought an electric boat winch a few years back. That used a cable at a blistering pace of a foot per minute. I passed on that. Right shoulder was worse then.
  • Or maybe you and the wife can swap vehicles for the day?
  • I asked her and was met with silence.
  • Happy wife... Happy Life! - So, don't push it.
  • (Shh. She’s going to let me use our, her van. Ssh. Let’s not wake her. Let’s just keep this amongst ourselves. )
  • We have been using our 10’ aluminum trailer for the trikes when we both ride. It’s rated for 3k lbs I think. It dribbles behind us at 45 mph. I have anchors in the floor that I hook the ratchet straps to, but the trikes always move because of the action. I’ve read you can remove
    One of the leafs of the leaf spring to soften the ride. I’ll have to read up on that.
  • Finn59, have you tried crossing the straps under the trike? Put the straps over the main frame but hook them to the anchors on the opposite side of the trike.

    I've had a lot of experience strapping down kayaks on top of a car. Once, we were trying to beat a tropical storm to go on vacation. I looked up out the driver's side window and saw one of the kayaks. Quite a cross wind that day. I learned better strapping methods from that!
  • We go from side to side, wrapping strap around seat. We have tried wrapping on frame below trikes. We have placed trikes diagonal across trailer where the tires are touching the wood side rails fore and aft. And we always arrive with the trikes having moved and slack in the straps. Trailer bounces because of too light a load. When we go nordth for a week we have yaks, cooler, air compressor, battery charger and other no. Essentials weighing it down. Doesn’t bounce. This was a standard trailer built locally. I’ll
    never load it to its’ limit.
  • We use one strap per Trike. Need two?
  • Read after a search where one puts his tire tight to side wall of wood trailer then wraps strap 6-7 times around wood and tire/wheel. That will be our next method in a week or so. Wheel chocks also.
  • Finn59 wrote: »
    I DO like the rack that was altered from da Depot. He had his trike bungeed to it. I would ramps to load trike however. Lifting days are over...

    I never used the bungees i used some adjusting straps from Harbor freight. One each attaches to each front wheel to the side of the rack and I use a small adjusting strap on the rear wheel. She rides fine.
  • OMG, he’s back!!! Here’s the latest set up. Tell me if it’s guud enough to have a back up roll in ‘Failure to Launch’. Overkill? A week ago that carrier wasn’t going to come out of the basement til the rapture. I was going to use trailer from now on. But for one Trike trailer seemed overkill. I’ll sleep on it.
  • Yellow and orange ratchet straps are visible for most tailgators.
  • Some overkill but whatever works for you is fine. Just make sure none of those knots slip.
  • The fabric IS slippery.
  • How long does it take to get all the straps off? If you want visibility, put driveway spikes/poles on either side with the reflectors. That will give them some depth perception.
  • Didn’t time myself. I’ll get lazy and start cutting back on the number of straps. I’ll end up using one over each tire/wheel and a ratchet in the middle under the seat. I have blocks in the channels to stop the tires plus small bungees keeping the brake handles closed. Should do it. It IS awkward to lift the handlebars from the side to raise Rover to the rack. After that I lift the rear rack and walk it on. Using the trailer I just walk the Trike up the ramp.
    I will try that trailer today, lashing a wheel around the wood side rail to keep Rover from moving when trailer starts to double dribble at 45-50 mph. (Lash yor Trike several times around to the top of your rack for da trip nordth. Do you ever tie the body to the vertical on the rack? Does the Trike sway?
  • Those little trailers bounce a lot. I'd work on the rack solution.
  • Yup. Going riding tonight. Will have to time it to see how long to tie it down. 10 minutes I’m guessing. Trailer would need several hundred more pounds to calm it down.
  • Going to try a pair of Channel aluminum ramps for the outside tires to roll it up instead of lifting. Trying a ‘tongue’ of alum from ramp pce to rack to hold ramp there while in use. I’ll post an image.
  • Ramps worked. Pinned them in place with a 1/4” bolt.
  • While I don't want to alienate anyone, and I mean this as comical, @IdahoTrailLizard, perhaps you should flag your own video as being off topic for a trike Forum as it does not appear to relate.?! I actually think the automotive horn you flagged has much more relevance. My apologies for the sarcasm.
  • I watched maybe 30 seconds of the ‘tune.
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