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Turned my new all terrain trike over yesterday. I'm new at this and just got my trike last month. I was barely moving trying to maneuver over a slight incline and that's when i found out that when you roll over you don't have any place to go or getting away from the trike. Maybe I should have just hung on until it finished tipping over. I'm wondering if the wheels could be modified to sit like wheelchairs made for basketball like this / \ instead of | |. I think that would be ideal for an all terrain trike.


  • Some toe in their front wheels but only like a 1/16” or so. Others
    will chime in I am sure.
  • You're talking about extreme negative camber which would require a change to the king pin mounts on the frame, a significant modification.
  • Sorry I have to ask. How did it rollover? Did you lean in to the downhill side and your weight pulled you over? Did you apply just one brake? You said you are new, so maybe you did not know that sometimes you need to lean to the uphill side or to the inside of the curve. As you just learned (and so did I) trikes can turnover.

    While on this subject I have to tell you how I flipped my Cattrike 360 degrees: I was going downhill into a curve. I got distracted (senior moment) by some kids playing in an adjacent street. I then realized that I needed to slow down and make a 90 right, turn into another street. Next thing I know is I wake up in the street, attached to my trike.

    My wife comes up behind me on her trike and I ask what the heck (actually some stronger words) happened. She states the obvious that I flipped 360. I was beat up and cut. Okay, so I look in the street for oil, sand or something else. I find nothing. For months my confidence is total destroyed. Then one day I’m going around a curve, maybe a little too fast. I find myself applying ONLY the inside brake and I lift the inside wheel off the ground. This time I react quickly and let off the brake and bounce back to the ground safely. Now I know what happened.

    So, don’t let this destroy your confidence. Get out there and practice. Okay?

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  • I’ve recently rolled over my Rambler AT twice, once while going around a sharp curve at a good clip, I turned a little too wide so the outside wheel left the paved path and went into the sandy shoulder stopping the wheel instantly. The second time was this afternoon, I parked sideways on a slight hill when I sat back down the trike and I toppled over, Arte Johnson style, for those who remember the TV show “Laugh In”. The only thing I injured was my pride, there were spectators at this event.

    I think you get a false sense of security on a trike because it’s low to the ground. I know the RAT is more susceptible to rollovers with it’s higher center of gravity due to the 24” wheels. What’s bad about rolling over sideways in a trike is you land on the handlebars and all your accessories, very uncomfortable. Be aware you still can get hurt ridding a trike and just be safe and wear your helmet.
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