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New Terra Trike owner, purchased a Traveler in May from a local dealer. I drive a mini Cooper and it fits in my car so that was one of the motivating factors. The first month in the front tires really started showing wear, the tread was completely worn off. I was riding about 6 to 7 miles a night. I took it back to my dealer and they discovered it was out of alignment. They replaced the tires and it has been riding like a new bike. Over all I am very happy, however I am noticing that one tire is starting to look very smooth (missing tread) just wondering if this is normal wear and tear.


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  • Travelingman
    Purchased my Traveler May 2017 in Tucson AZ. Brought back to Nebraska and rode about 200 miles and the tires were showing tubes. I sent pictures to TerraTrike and they responded with the alignment issue, plus making sure quick release levers on hinge points were snug. Since then I have around 2500+ miles on the trike. Part of my weekly checklist is to verify alignment and hinges. However, I am on my 4th set of front tires since purchase. 1st set was factory, didn't last long because of alignment. The 2nd set were some Kenda Basic and they did a bulk of the 2500+ miles. The 3rd set were the factory tires TT sent out. I logged about 900 miles on them. They still have a few miles, (definitely showing wear) but I swapped them out (plus the rear, it was still the original) for some Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tires. I ride on hard surfaces for most of my daily treks. I would like to think 2000-3000 miles/set of front tires would be minimum. Maybe asking too much.
    June 17
    • cartus62
      Thanks, I am working with the dealer and Terra they aligned the bike put new tires on and two weeks later they started showing wear after only riding about 8 miles a day. I am taking it back in tomorrow to have the camber measured. Hope to have it back soon.