About Us

Our Mission Statement

“Provide solutions for our customer by offering
quality human powered vehicles and accessories.”

Welcome to the unique world of WizWheelz, the company that created the TerraTrike.

WizWheelz Inc. was founded in 1996 by a couple of life-long friends Jack Wiswell and Wayne Oom. Over the years we’ve assembled a great team of people who look forward to serving you. We are a growing company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA which prides itself on personalized customer service, great value and superior products. When you deal with us you can be confident that you are working with people who are professional, knowledgeable, and personable.

We care about your new TerraTrike as much as you do!

Our people take pride in the fact that we make a vehicle that doesn’t create air, noise, or sight polution. Our products are healthy for people in that they promote excercise, build strength, and relieve stress. WizWheelz wants to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are fortunate and thankful that our customers make this possible.

As a business, we also try to have a little fun. Heck, we probably make the coolest products on the planet. It’s not unusual that occasionally you’ll find us on a lunchtime trike ride, a geocaching weekend, or a corporate outing to the local minor league ball field. Many of the current trike innovations and ideas for accessories have been thought up during one of these excursions. Happy employees make happy trikes for happy customers. So if you call and we’re all out riding, be assured that we’ll be back shortly and we might just have developed a new product.


Jack Wiswell
Founded Company in 1996

Wayne Oom
Founded Company in 1996

Marshall Randall
Director of Sales & Marketing
Joined Team Oct 2014

Mark Crews
Managing Director
Joined Team July 2018

Steve DeJonge
Product Development Support
Joined Team Mar 2009

Tyler Kamm
A/R & Credit Manager / Product Information Manager
Joined Team Aug 2012

Lisa Permesang
Accounts Payable / Systems Administration
Joined Team Jun 2014

Gerrod Truckenmiller
Product Support Supervisor
Joined Team Jan 2016

Jack Cafretsas
Marketing Coordinator
Joined Team Feb 2020

Chad Mahakian
Procurement Buyer
Joined Team Feb 2020

Luke Lindgren
Dealer Sales Representative, TerraTrike
Joined Team Sep 2017

Scott Johnson
Warehouse Coordinator
Joined Team Sep 2017

Steve Tanaka
National Sales Manager, TerraTrike
Joined Team Oct 2017

Torey Groen
Sales Manager, GreenSpeed
Joined Team Mar 2018

Jacob Zars
Dealer Sales Representative, TerraTrike
Joined Team Jul 2018

Jayant Lamba
Product Engineer
Joined Team Sep 2017

Lori Wiswell
Customer Service/Sales
Joined Team Jan. 2019

George Veeneman
Warehouse Assistant
Joined Team Oct. 2018

John Akers
Product Support
Joined Team Nov. 2018

What Sets Us Apart?