WizWheelz, Inc., maker of the TerraTrike brand of recumbent trikes, has just begun shipping their latest creation. The TerraTrike Path is a three speed version of their popular TerraTrike Cruiser. The new model features the same smooth steering, comfortable seat, and disc brakes of its predecessor, not to mention an eye-opening $999 price tag. The word out of the TerraTrike factory is that it looks fantastic, assembles easily, and rides like a dream. The crew is pumped up about this new trike as they work overtime to ship all of the backorders.

Wayne Oom of WizWheelz says, “Interest is high and pre-orders have been very strong. The Path is the most anticipated new model in our 11 year history. This product will draw many fresh faces to the triking scene.”

With a three speed internal rear hub, the Path is perfect for cruising along the bike paths in comfort and style and allows the rider to shift while coasting, stopped, or while soft-pedaling.

“Think about it; how many extra gears do you need to carry around?” says Mike Kessenich of WizWheelz. “Most riders, especially people who don’t live in particularly hilly areas, will find that the surprisingly wide gear range on the Path is more than they need. It’s a low maintenance machine that’s perfect for short commutes, neighborhood rides, and adventures on the bike path. It’s a beautifully comfortable ride.”