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The current sliding seat clamp on the Rambler, Tour II, and Sportster will slowly be phased out and replaced by a new seat clamp. The EZ Seat Clamp will become the stock clamp on these platforms and will be installed on POs 3092 and above, as well as the Traveler. The EZ Seat Clamp was made to be compatible with our EZ seat frame. Together they make removing and reattaching the seat on your Trike quicker and easier than the current sliding seat clamp setup. The threaded inserts are held in place by set screws on the back side of the clamp. These set screws should always be tight unless the threaded insert is damaged and needs to be replaced. By backing out the shoulder bolts just a few revolutions the seat frame can easily be removed from the seat clamp. Check the shoulder bolts before every ride and make sure they are tight and that there is no play in the seat frame.