WizWheelz warrants to the original owner that all its trike frames, seat frames, and steering components are free of defective materials and workmanship subject to the limitations contained in this warranty. This warranty is limited to the lifetime of the original owner and is nontransferable. Warranty is conditioned upon the trike being purchased through and assembled by WizWheelz or an authorized WizWheelz dealer, operated under normal conditions, and maintained properly.
Warranty does not apply to paint/finish, components attached to the frame, or wear items such as tires, idler wheels, chain, etc. Attached components are subject to the warranty, if any, of their original manufacturer.

Warranty claims must be presented to the place where the product was purchased whether that is an authorized WizWheelz dealer or the WizWheelz factory. Proof of purchase must accompany all requests for warranty coverage. WizWheelz reserves the sole discretion to repair or replace any parts covered by this warranty. Replacement parts may be a newer version than those originally purchased. In the event that a model has been discontinued or changed significantly, or if the part in question is no longer available for any reason, some additional parts may need to be purchased by the customer in order to make the trike rideable again due to compatibility issues. Original owner shall be responsible for all labor, shipping, and travel costs related to repair or replacement of warranted parts.

This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, or any defects, malfunctions, or failures that result from abuse, neglect, improper assembly, improper maintenance, overloading past specified load limit, alterations (i.e. cutting, spreading, drilling, welding, etc.), collisions, accidents, or misuse.

WizWheelz shall not be liable for any special, indirect consequential, incidental or other similar damages suffered by the purchaser or any third party, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits or business or damages resulting from use or performance of the product, whether in contract or in tort, even if WizWheelz or its authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages and WizWheelz shall not be liable for any expenses, claims, or suits arising out of or relating to any of the foregoing.

If you feel you have a warranty claim, contact us. We love our customers, and we want to keep you riding.

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TerraTrike now offers an extended warranty for 2nd party purchased used TerraTrikes. The warranty is valid for 3 years and applies to all trikes except the Tandem model. It is available for $149.95 and can be purchased through our online store or by calling us directly. This IS NOT available through our dealers. A new warranty registration must also be completed for the offer to be valid.