Boost Kit

Transform Your Ride With Electric Assist.

Get a little assistance whenever you need it! TerraTrike’s Boost Kit with Bosch Mid Drive assists riders to climb hills with ease, maintain their pace on longer rides, and increase their overall range.

The Boost Kit includes the Bosch Active Line Motor. This award-winning motor is a powerful drive unit that provides gentle acceleration up to 20mph. With the Bosch system riders experience the latest in drive technology, including a wide range of built-in power assistance levels.

Control your experience with the Bosch Purion Controller, giving riders access to a variety of riding modes:

Off – Riders can switch the system off and pedal unassisted.

ECO – A light 40% assist helps along the trail when you need it.

Tour – An increase to 100% assist, perfect for long touring trips.

Sport – 180% assist amps up the power, perfect for concurring hills or tough terrain.

Turbo – Unleash 270% assist to feel the maximum assist level possible.

Finally go the distance utilizing the Bosch PowerPack battery. The lithium-ion, 400Wh battery is designed to have maximum energy density in a small size. The PowerPack battery can be charged on the trike or be easily removed for charging.

*Compatible with the following trikes: Maverick, Rogue, Rambler, All Terrain, Gran Tourismo, and Traveler (the Traveler requires additional hardware for mounting -- check with your dealer).

The Boost Kit includes the award-winning Bosch Active Line Motor.

I was very surprised at how natural the motor felt, no harsh accelertations just very fluid and smooth.