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As Gas Prices Increase, Local Company Profits.

’We love it when the price of gas increases,’ states Jeff Yonker, Marketing Director for WizWheelz, a local manufacturer of the TerraTrike brand of recumbent trikes. ’Every time we see a spike in prices, the phone goes crazy with people placing orders.’

The local Kentwood company is the nation’s largest manufacturer of 3 wheel recumbent trikes and sells both direct and through a dealer network. ’We’re seeing an increase not just locally, but also with all our dealers across the U.S.’ says Yonker. ’I think people are just getting sick and tired of paying top dollar for gas, and with commuting distances getting shorter, riding a bike or trike to work makes a lot more sense on the pocket book.’

Combined with the health benefits and the environmentally friendly aspects of ‘pedal power’, bike and trike sales are up nationwide. ’You want to get on the ‘Green’ bandwagon? Well, we built the bandwagon!’ say Yonker.

WizWheelz has set a sales record for January and February, and March is shaping up to be the same. Yonker states, ’And we haven’t even gotten into our busy season yet. When the warm weather breaks, you’re going to see everyone on a TerraTrike.’