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ROVERS ARE HERE…Rovers are gone!

The first container of Rovers showed up today, and the majority have been shipped right back out. The trikes that are to be shipped out fully built will probably take a day or two to build up before they are sent but we are hoping to get all of them out by the weekend.

The next container of Rovers is due during first half of July, however, the 8 speeds are sold out. The good news is we still have some 3 speeds available in that batch.

So if you are interested in one of the 8 speed Rover trikes, you better get a pre-order in for the early August group. We are pretty certain that these will also sell out before it’s due to arrive. If you are fortunate enough to live near one of our TerraTrike dealers, you can check with them now for their Rover availability.

And for those lucky people who have one on order from the first batch, thank you for your patience, you’ll be riding soon!

First container pulls in


Kess unloads first box


Ben & Steve build one up quickly to check and make sure everything is up to par


Out of one truck, right into another


One Quarter of Utah Trikes first order


All done


Kess needs a shower