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TerraTrike Announces New $699 Single Speed Rover Model

In celebration of TerraTrike’s 15th anniversary, they have promised to release 15 new products this year. The first offering is a single speed version of their highly popular Rover model. Designed for the person who doesn’t need multiple gears, it will be the perfect runabout trike, perfect for rentals, campgrounds or just running down to the coffee shop.

“We discovered that there was a segment of our customers where even 3 gears were not needed,” explains Jeff Yonker, Marketing Manager for TerraTrike. “The beauty is that the Rover 1 has a great entry level price point and it’s still easily upgradeable should they desire more gears at a later time.”

The Rover single speed also comes with some new improvements to the platform. First is the absence of the four main frame bolts. In their place are four corner mounted set screws. This allows for a tighter joint that makes the trike easier to assemble and disassemble as well as allowing the seat to move freely over a much greater length of the main tube. The set screws also prevent users from over-tightening the bolts and deforming frame tubes. In addition to these improvements, chain tubes will now be held in place using a custom clamping method, thus eliminating the zip ties that were used in the past. And lastly, the rubber grips are being replaced with a more comfortable foam style.

“This single speed model really excites us and our dealers. There are multiple applications this trike will be perfect for.” said Yonker.

The single speed Rover will retail for $699 and will be available at the beginning of March. They are taking pre-orders now.

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