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TerraTrike featured in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

In an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review last week titled Adults taking to the road in three-wheel revolution, they wrote about TerraTrike:

WizWheelz in Kentwood, Mich. sell recumbent trikes. Despite the state’s dismal economy, the company has seen 40 percent growth for the past three years, marketing manager Jeff Yonker says. Their original clientele consisted primarily of Baby Boomers who wanted to stay in shape. But many buyers are considering their TerraTrikes as an alternative to automobiles for their commute.

“Whenever the gas prices go up, our phones ring even more,” Yonker says. “But it’s almost become a non-factor.

“A lot of people like to ride them just for the fun of it. They’re kind of like a small mini-go cart,” he says. “People are riding longer distances now. They’re looking for something that’s a lot more comfortable for longer rides. The recumbent trikes are like sitting in a beach chair.”

Read the complete article as well as more about other 3 wheeled trikes here.