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TerraTrike Florida Trip

The TerraTrike owners had a great trip to Florida and were warmly welcomed by two of their top ten dealers, Bicycle Outfitters in Seminole and Suncoast Bicycles Plus in Inverness.

The schedule only allowed for a short two hour visit at Bicycle Outfitters but it was time well spent. “It was awesome to meet the crew at Bicycle Outfitters” said Jack Wiswell, “we had limited time there but getting the chance to communicate and exchange ideas with these guys was priceless.”

The TerraTrike boys then spent a full day at Suncoast helping out with their TerraTrike Rally & Open House. “Suncoast rolled out the red carpet for us! We had the time to really do this right. Charlie advertised to his customer list and in the newspaper. There were hoards of people test-riding all day long and Suncoast sold several trikes as a result of this rally and attracted many customers new to his shop. We also had time to gather valuable feedback from the sales and assembly staff, and enjoyed hanging out with the Suncoast guys after hours.” said Wayne Oom.

They also had a couple of days of perfect weather for new product test-riding. “We’ve been testing our 26″ inch rear wheel Zoomer trike in the warehouse this winter but this was the first time we had a chance to test it outdoors at speed” said Oom, “we were even able to test it against a competitor’s 26″ wheel trike and WOW! We knew this Zoomer was going to be hot but it even surprised us. It tracks such a straight line and there is no upper body induced wag in the back with our trike. And if you haven’t tried the Zoomer with our new horizontal handlebar design you need to do it now. The added balance and leverage makes the trike handle brilliantly at speed. Other trikes with headsets feel twitchy at high speeds compared to this machine. The staff at both shops went nuts over this trike. If you’re considering a trike with a large rear wheel, make sure you try a Zoomer with the dropout extensions before you purchase. And here’s a tip, don’t just ride figure 8s in the parking lot, get it on a bike trail or road and get it up to speed. You’ll see the difference.”

It was a great trip and the TerraTrike staff is excited about scheduling more of these dealer visits and in-store events. Their next tour stop is back to Florida to visit Paradise Bicycles in Cape Coral on March 4th in the afternoon. If you’re in the Fort Myers area, check out Paradise Bicycles – one of TerraTrike’s newest dealers.