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TerraTrike Featured on MRV The Buzz Article

One of the top RVing websites MRV The Buzz has just published an article featuring TerraTrike:

Besides comfort, the trikes offer an exciting time for its riders. “It is very much like a go-kart,” Yonkers explains, “and when older people feel that, they immediately turn into a 10 year old.” It is a social activity, too. When a person is on a bicycle they are usually hunched over, however on a trike a person is lounging and, since it is stable on three wheels, people can sit and talk to each other or pedal and talk to each other down the road.

You can read the entire article here: https://mrvthebuzz.mobilerving.com/open-road-lifestyle/products-gadgets/excitement-in-the-outdoors-terratrike