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TerraTrike Introduces New Accessories, In-Line Updates

TerraTrike, maker of the world’s most comfortable recumbent trikes, announced a series of new accessories and updates becoming available to consumers over the next few months. Photos of all of the new releases can be seen at TerraTrike’s Flickr Stream. The following are new accessories: 

Chain Gobbler – ($79.97 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Adjust boom length quickly and easily with its quick release sliding idler. Size any Rambler or Sportster from short to long and back in seconds. No fussing with adding or removing chain links.

Seat Wedge – ($9.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Creates a raised area at the front of the seat to add support and reduce forward shift. Wedge shape creates a secure “bucket seat” feel. Fits snuggly into existing seat mesh. For use with or without seat cushion.

Lumbar Support – ($34.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Customizable back support that integrates into all current seats. Three pads with various sizes/densities allows for multiple configurations. Easily moves for fine tuned comfort. Installs in seat mesh for clean appearance. Open cell material to keep rider dry. Includes adjustable wrap to keep everything together. For use with or without seat cushion. 

Grip Gloves – ($24.95 MSRP, Available Spring ’14)

Provides anyone with motor skill issues the ability to maintain hand placement on handlebar. Comfortable neoprene glove easily slides onto handlebar. Anti-slip patches holds glove in place. Provides secure placement of the hands. Ambidextrous design. One size fits most (cut- to-length straps).

Angled Bottle Bracket – ($7.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Drip free angle and easy bottle removal promotes hydration. Angles bottle towards rider for easy access/removal. Holds bottle spout up to reduce dripping.

TerraTrike also announced in-line changes affecting some of their trikes for the 2014 season. These changes include:

Locking Seat-stay Pins
Key Features:
-Locking lever keeps pin in place to prevent them from falling out on rides.
-Positive locking action keeps pins and stays from rattling
Models Affected:
Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Traveler, Tandem Pro

Computer Bracket  
Key Features:
-More adjustable
-Fits wide range of computer sensors
-Sensors mount more securely 
Models Affected: 
Rover, Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler   

Seat Mesh With Pocket  
Key Features:
-Pocket conveniently located on back of seat
-Great size for keys, phone, tools, etc.  
Models Affected:
Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler    

Asymmetrical Seat Stays  
Key Features:
-Different length upper stays
-Quicker/easier to line up when installing seat  
Models affected:
Rover, Rambler, Tour 2, Sportster, Traveler    

Tie Rod Wrench Flats  
Key Features:
-Strategic cut outs for a 10mm wrench
-Securely hold tie rod while tightening tie rod nuts
-Speeds up adjustments
-Maintains alignment securely  
Models Affected: Rover, Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler    

Sliding Seat and Frame Guide
Key Features:
-Stops seat rotation on frame
-Fore / aft seat stops
-Pair with optional QR levers (released in spring) for easy seat adjustment  
Models Affected: Rambler, Tour II, Traveler  

“Obviously, we were pretty busy this year,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “All of these updates and new products stemmed from feedback we received from our customers and dealers. We are constantly innovating – working to provide solutions for our customers’ needs.”