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TerraTrike Unveils New Folding Trike

TerraTrike unveiled a new folding trike called the Traveler at their Dealer Day event on October 23rd. The Traveler features a brand new frame design with hinges located along the mainframe and on its swept-back outriggers. Thought to be the only airline checkable trike on the market, the Traveler is also the smallest folding production trike in existence.

“This is a game changer,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “The Traveler has been a long time coming, but we wanted to do it right. We can fit two of these folded trikes in the back of any sedan, which is the most commonly owned vehicle style in the U.S.”

The Traveler’s frame geometry is based off of the current Rambler model’s frame, but with significant changes to allow for more heel clearance and impressive weight limit of 300 lbs. “We didn’t just take an existing frame, cut it in half and weld a hinge on it. This is a completely new frame design” stated R&D manager Pete Hall. “And the frame can be folded in under a minute with no tools required, and weighs only three pounds more than the Rambler.”

Available in an external 8 speed ($1799 MRSP), 24-speed Base level ($1999 MSRP), and 27-speed GT level ($2499 MSRP), the Traveler is one of the most affordable folding trikes on the market. An optional carrying case will also be available for purchase. The Traveler will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2014.

“We’ve been hoping that TerraTrike would be releasing a folder soon, and we weren’t disappointed,” said Bryan Ball, editor of the online recumbent board ‘BentRider Online. “They really hit it out of the park.”

The Traveler will be making it’s first public debut at the biennial Recumbent Cycle-Con November 1-3 in Pamona, California.