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Fall Sale on TerraTrike Recumbent Trikes

Best Time to Ride Fall SALE!


Have you been wishing for your Blue Moon moment to purchase one of our models on sale? While it does not happen often, the time has come! With limited-time reduced pricing for select TerraTrike models, the sale begins at the best time of the year to ride! With top-end components and designs made to blow your hair back on the trails, riders like you can save big on the recumbent trike they’ve been looking for.

The TerraTrike Spyder ATC, Spyder, and GTS models are included in this short-term offer. The Spyder ATC is referred to as “a no-holds-barred speed machine” it is worth acknowledging that its sibling, the Spyder, offers the same high-end performance. Sales and Marketing Director, Marshall Randall, declared that the Spyder platform is “capable of things that people don’t think of when they think about recumbent trikes.” Whereas Laid Back Cycles rated the GTS as a model that provides a “perfect balance of comfort and performance.” Souped up with high end components, lightweight frames, and improved designs, these models integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle and elevate your experience with the TerraTrike brand. For the Tour II or Sportster lovers out there – we are talking to you!

These elusive speed machines will go just as fast as this deal! Savings eligible from September 18th, 2023, to October 31st, 2023, while supplies last. Models are eligible for the original owner warranty. Visit your local dealers or purchase directly from the TerraTrike  website to secure your new companion for your next adventure.                                                              

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