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Introducing the Nomad Nesters!

Last week, we had them pleasure of welcoming our new partners Kati and Vern Evans (AKA the Nomad Nesters). They have been huge fans of TerraTrike for many years and certainly have a unique story. They’re back out on the road now that they have an empty nest! Keep on reading below for an introduction from the Nesters! And make sure to keep an eye out for them out on the trails! Who knows where you might see them!

“Hello fellow Trikers! A little about us and our story – We traveled Fulltime in an RV for 9 years with our 4 kids and 3 dogs (Talk about a full house)! In that time we drove over 500,000 miles across North America from Mexico to Canada. Our TerraTrikes made the entire journey with us and made it such a beautiful journey. We rode on so many trails across the continent and wanted to make as many wonderful memories with our kids as possible and so many memories were created with all the amazing places our TerraTrikes took us.
With the kids all grown now we are empty nesters so we loaded up in another RV and have hit the road again. Kati has worked through several medical issues that make getting out into nature a true challenge. The TerraTrikes are the only way she can get out and enjoy our beautiful land. It has ensured that she isn’t trapped at home. Kati loves everything outdoors and is always the instigator to make sure we have our next adventure ready to go. Thanks to TerraTrike and their amazing design Kati is unstoppable! We will be touring all across North America over the next few years and are so excited to be doing it alongside TerraTrike! Their support and their standard for excellence in their products will keep us moving and creating memories everywhere we go! Come join us at Nomad.Nesters on IG to follow along on our explorations.”
You can follow along with there journey on their own website here:https://nomadnesters.com/
@Nomad.Nesters on Instagram.