The stylish Rambler is a nimble and responsive ride! The Rambler family includes the All Terrain and the electric E.V.O.
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The stylish Rambler is a nimble and responsive ride! The Rambler family includes the All Terrain and the electric E.V.O.
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The stylish Rambler is a nimble and responsive ride! The Rambler family includes the All Terrain and the electric E.V.O.
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Ramble on.

After releasing the Rover and opening the door for people who never thought they’d enjoy cycling again, we found many customers wanted more. So that’s just what we gave them. The Rambler has the same high seat and straight-forward frame geometry as the Rover, but with many upgrades for riders who want to go faster and farther. It features a sleek Y-frame design which improves the Rambler’s handling and stability. It is available with up to 16 speeds and is about eight pounds lighter than the Rover.

What really sets the Rambler apart, however, is the feel of the ride. It responds beautifully through corners and the lightweight chro-moly steel frame ensures a smooth ride. For tackling those off-road riding adventures, the Rambler All Terrain is ready to take you beyond the paved trails and then back again.

The Rambler is designed to do it all without sacrificing comfort or ease of use. Its range of options and component levels make it the perfect platform to create a trike for your specific needs.

The Rambler is as versatile as it is stylish. It is available in two different component levels: n380 NuVinci and x16. The single-piece frame made of round chro-moly steel tubing also gives the Rambler a nimble, responsive ride.

The seat mesh is breathable and is fitted across a lightweight aluminum seat frame. Along with standard disc brakes and full seat adjustability, the Rambler is a quality machine for casual and serious riders alike. The frame comes in a stunning Tangerine Orange finish with complimenting graphics. 20″ wheels come standard with 24″ and 26″wheels available as an optional upgrade at additional cost.


The Riding Experience

NuVinci or ExternalGearing

The NuVinci is internal, while the other models have external drivetrains.
This gives the rider the option to choose which gearing type they prefer.

Higher Seat / Aluminum Seat Frame

The seat height allows riders to easily get on and off, and provides good visibility.
The lightweight aluminum seat frame reduces crucial weight.

Trigger Bars & Shifters

Offset ergonomic handlebars accommodate most trigger shifters (available on the x16 model).

Direct Steering

The horizontal handlebar position gives the rider responsive handling to steering inputs, and gives the Rambler a tight turning radius.

Chro-moly Steel Frame

The strength of chro-moly steel allows us to engineer a lightweight, smooth riding frame capable of holding up to 300 lbs.

Premium Steering Stack & Rapid Axles

Premium steering stack with bushing/bearing combination for smooth steering.
Rapid axle allows for easy removal of front wheels.



Frame Material
Gear Inch
Load Limit
Steering System
Rambler n380
Alhonga Mechanical
20t Cog
Tangerine Orange with White & Black accents
Alloy Black 170mm 42t
4130 Chromoly Steel
300 lbs.
Comfort Pedal
NuVinci CVT Shifter
Schwalbe Road Cruiser 20 X 1.75
41.5 Lbs.
TerraTrike Black Single Wall
Rambler x16
Alhonga Mechanical
microSHIFT 12-32 8 Speed
Tangerine Orange with White & Black accents
FSA Tempo Double 165mm 34/50t
4130 Chromoly Steel
300 lbs.
Comfort Pedal
microSHIFT Mezzo Trigger
Schwalbe Road Cruiser 20 X 1.75
39.5 Lbs.
TerraTrike Silver Single Wall

“I love my Rambler so much that I can’t get the smile off my face when I ride. There are a lot of bikes and joggers on the trail. The joggers usually don’t look like there have a good time at all. One day last week, one of them called to me as I went by, ‘You are entirely too happy!'”

Customer Reviews

  • Kristi Hammonds

    Reviewer: Kristi Hammonds
    Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Terra Trike Rambler is!! I have MS and have not ridden in years did not feel like my balance was good enough, well the Terra Trike changed all that, I feel safe, comfortable and above all free!! I have named mine “Liberty” because it gives me the freedom to be outside, moving and enjoying physical ativities that usually I cannot participate in, Thank you again, keep up the great work!!

  • Terry and Sandra Brezina

    Reviewer: Terry and Sandra Brezina
    I just received my TerraTrike Rambler this last Tuesday. My wife and I both ride it. My wife really likes the trike and I found that I have to take turns with her in riding it. It is just a fun way to get around. I am going to take it on the New River trail ride in the morning when it is cool. Thanks for designing and building a great American Made product.