Universal Safety Flag


Safety is important and so is looking good. Don’t compromise either with this visible flag that is much cooler than the standard-issue orange triangle! The flag comes with attention grabbing streamers and the ability to add or mix and match the wide selection of Flag Extensions.
Comes with axle mount bracket. Bracket can be cut off to mount in seat frame.

Compatible with all TerraTrikes.

  • Generic safety flag (no logo)
  • Bright and highly visible with “fingers” that flap in the breeze
  • Comes with Velcro sleeve so that you can attach flag extensions
  • Mounting hardware for standard bike mounting (on the rear wheel axle)
  • Three-piece mast that breaks down easily
  • Alternate installation for TerraTrikes – slides into the seat mesh grommet
  • (if you do not want to use the axle mount and cut off the mounting bracket with a hack saw)

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