RiderFest 2020

WizWheelz presents the TerraTrike RiderFest 2020 tour, coming to a city near you…sort of! RiderFest is now a day filled with virtual riding, fun…and a few surprises!

Where: Your favorite social distancing location, plus the Strava App —

Join our TerraTrike Isolation Riders club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/terratrike

And RSVP to the Strava event: https://www.strava.com/clubs/602741/group_events/680998



Track your ride using Strava. Riders have a 24-hour window to complete their ride. After the event, share your ride data with us to prove how far you cycled and redeem for the prizes below!

10 miles: RiderFest 2020 water bottle

20 miles: RiderFest 2020 hat

30 miles: RiderFest 2020 water bottle AND hat

40 miles: RiderFest 2020 water bottle, hat & shirt

To redeem your ride, email a screenshot of your ride data to marketing@terratrike.com and be sure to include your shipping address!



Click the link to check out the event on Facebook:

RiderFest – April 25th

RiderFest – May 30th

RiderFest – June 26th

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